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    Cixi Wanxiang Pneumatic Elements Co.,Ltd.is situated inside Zonghan industrial zone in the city of Cixi in Ningbo near beautiful Hangzhou with beautiful environment and convenient traffic.
    The company possesses 100staffs and workers,among them are 30 percent of technicians. It covers an area of 6000 square metres with 4000 square metres of factory area and 4 million of total invesment.It has advanced mould-processing center,imported full-automatic lathe,high-precision numerical lathe and comprehensive test center for pneumatic elements.
    Its main products include pneumatoc joints,speed-regulation alve,noesesilencer,pneumatic gun and some othe elements and parts.With its strong scientific and techno logical force and rich experiences,it has constantly perfected both product design and producion to offer the users outstanding products.With its good reputation and high quality service.the products has been deeply appreciated by the users and clients both at home and abroad.
    Aiming at modernization,group and intematioonal direction and aking"blazing out newideas,dealing with concrete matters relating to work and corstantly perfecting"as its sperit,our company wish to cooperate various circles both in and out of China to create brilliant future.

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