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    Our culture: the foundation of existence, the standard of the non - standard, the code of conduct, the banner of the organization, the power of the development, the soul of the enterprise.
    Core values: shareholders, customers, employees, and social interests of all parties, to achieve win-win good, harmonious development.
    The embodiment of the specific requirements and values:
    Shareholders: mutual win-win, return value.
    Customer: honest and trustworthy, service oriented.
    Staff: two-way loyalty, common growth.
    Society: service to the public, return to society.
    Colleague: civilization competition, harmony but not sameness.
    Company: inside and outside, to create brilliant.
    Enterprise mission: to provide green energy products for the community to provide high-tech services.
    Core competence: to build core competence in six aspects, such as business development, customer service, management mechanism, high technology, capital utilization and human resources.
    Management policy: market oriented, efficiency first, management norms, business stability. ?
    Spirit of enterprise: pioneering spirit, enterprising spirit; code of conduct, loyalty and dedication spirit, integrity Liye spirit, unity cooperation spirit, learning and innovation spirit.
    Enterprise style: steady, harmonious, pragmatic, unity.
    Robustness is required for all aspects of the company norms, health and sustainable. Harmony is the harmony between people and people, within and outside of harmony, on the harmony between the upper and lower, the process and the results of the harmony, the recent and long-term harmony. Harmony is a kind of tacit understanding, a kind of state, a kind of strength, a kind of excellence, a kind of efficiency. Is realistic, pragmatic, pragmatic style of work, modest and prudent. To tell the truth, in the work of the real, do practical work, seek practical results. Unity is the company with the new cooperation mode and the equity system, let all people to achieve common goals together, strive to and create greater glories.
    Harmonious, uplifting, love our professionalism, dedication, honesty and trustworthiness, sound management, the pursuit of excellence, pull together in times of trouble.
    Management system:
    Corporate governance structure: equity structure
    Company decision making system: Strategic Management
    Human resource system: credit management
    Management philosophy, with a harmonious unity of the team, in good faith pragmatic service customers.
    Customer oriented, service to win. Take business as the center, with the market as the guide.
    To operate for efficiency, to the management to benefit. Fast and effective development, steady and law-abiding business.
    Marketing Culture: the relationship between the company and the staff is the relationship between business and business is a win-win situation, the relationship between mutual benefit and mutual benefit.
    To the industry, humble studious, build brand personality, learn widely from others’strong points.

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