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    New technology for the rapid development of economy leads

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     Since1998, the our city new and high technology products with an annual growth rate of 41%, than the gross value of industrial output is 1 times higher than the average growth rate

    In dimensions above enterprise, high-tech product output value accounted for the proportion of gross value of industrial output rose from 15.8% in 1998 to the first half of the year29.4%

    ●neodymium iron boron, integrated circuit silicon materials, intelligent injection molding machine, smart meters, hydrogen storage materials, power transmission equipment such as a large number of high-tech products become China’s largest production base

    The first half of this year, Yinzhou District mechanical and electrical integration and new materials consisting mainly of high-tech industry realizes gain 490000000 yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 90%, profit for the first time in more than the original total profit the biggest clothing ( for the first half of365000000 yuan ), accounted for the first. In the area of dimensions above enterprise, high-tech product output value accounted for the proportion of gross value of industrial output already amounted to 32.3%.

    Like Yinzhou District, high-tech industry as point of growth of the first economy, in whole town each district rapid development, become the pillar industry of economy development. According to the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau of statistics, this year 1 to June, the output value of hi-tech products, sales reached 27111000000 yuan,25434000000 yuan, respectively over the same period last year growth of 36.4%,42.8%. Implementation profit tax and foreign exchange earnings growth, year-on-year growth of 51.8% and58.5%, respectively, $3454000000and $592000000. The first half of this year’s above-scale enterprises realize21460000000yuan of industrial added value of6642000000yuan, the high technology and new technology industry to contribute, accounting for about 31% of.

    In 1995, the high-tech industry in our city is still in the initial stage. The dimensions above enterprise, high-tech products output value of only6030000000 yuan, accounting for the proportion of gross value of industrial output is only 8.8%, exports of high-tech products accounted for the proportion of industrial export delivery value is only 10%. Since 1998, especially the implementation of the city through science and education "a project" since, municipal Party committee, city hall keen attention to high-tech industries as the first work of science and technology and economic support and development, key support for electronic information and new materials and other high-tech industries, so that the city’s high-tech industry every year to higher industry the growth rate of 1times or more than the speed of development, greatly promoted our economic structure adjustment. In 1998, the city of 5000000 yuan of dimensions above enterprise gross value of industrial output is 94000000000yuan. To 2001, the output value of 163000000000 yuan, an average annual growth rate of 20%. One, dimensions above enterprise high-tech products output value increased by 14820000000 yuan of 1998to 2001 of 42420000000yuan, an average annual growth rate as high as 41%. Due to the rapid growth of industry of new and high technology, in the city of dimensions above enterprise, high-tech product output value accounted for the proportion of gross value of industrial output is also more and more high, up from 15% in 1998to 26% in 2001. The first half of this year, this one proportion continues to rise, already amounted to 29.4%. Not only such, high-tech industries in our city tax also grows fast, dimensions above high-tech enterprise profit by 1465000000 yuan of 1997, increased to5857000000 yuan in 2001, an average annual growth rate of 42.9%, accounting for the proportion of profits of Industrial Enterprises above designated size increased from 16.7% in 1997to 27.5% last year. Ningbo city by the national Ministry of science and the approval of the national torch electronic information industry base and national new material industrialization base.

    Fast development of the new high-tech industry, has greatly promoted our city the upgrade of traditional industry and burgeoning industry formation and growth, industrial grade continuously improve. The traditional mechanical and electrical industry in the past few years continuously penetrated into the new and high technology, the product has" face", to the field of optical-mechanical-electrical integration of high-tech products change, emerge in large numbers of intelligent injection molding machine, high reliable induction watt-hour meter, power transmission equipment, automobile spare parts, elevator traction machine and other high-tech products. These products in the country have a higher market share. New material industry has expanded steadily, continuously expand the field, in the growing of Nd-Fe-B magnetic materials, powder metallurgy materials and other industries on the basis of the rise, polymeric materials, nanometer materials, new energy materials, semiconductor materials, new materials and other vehicles. The strong magnetic material production accounted for half of the country, accounted for 1/4 of the world, high strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber, high performance hydrogen storage material, modified engineering plastics, integrated circuit silicon materials and other new materials has become the largest production base. Ningbo also became the national new material achievement transformation and industrialization base. Electronic information industry from small to big, development is rapid, in which the computer products in addition to the central processor ( CPU ), other components in Ningbo basically has production. Communication products, electronic components, digital cable, integrated circuits, software and other electronic information industry expands quickly, many products in the domestic leading position. I have therefore been identified as the State Torch Plan Ningbo electronic information industrial base. In addition, biology and medicine, energy saving and environmental protection and other fields of many high-tech products from scratch, from small to large, these a few years of most rapid development. High and new technology is widely used in agriculture, biological technology and facilities through technical transformation of agriculture in our city, caused a revolution of agricultural science and technology. Such as the application of molecular marker breeding, cultivate green shell egg duck, giant long-haired high admirable new breed such as, organization and implementation of transplanting of embryo of milk cow of internal circulation, intensive ecological farming, deep-sea submersible net culture and a number of other high-tech projects, greatly promote the benefits of agricultural development and agricultural industry structure adjustment.

    Fast development of the new high-tech industry

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